Special Planning Authority , Banki

Sri Nirmal Chandra Mishra, Chairman, I.A.S.

Collector & District Magistrate, Cuttack-cum-chairman,

SPA Committee, Athagarh.

Sri Subhendra Mishra, Chief Town Planner & Director,

Town Planning, Odisha. Directorate of Town Planning,

Unit-V, Power House Square, Bhubaneswar - 751001

Sri Kritan Bihari Nayak, Secretary,

Special Planning Authority, Athagarh.

Banki is a Class IV twon of Cuttack district .It became the sub-divisional Head Quaters of Banki Sub-division on 1.07.1969.Banki is the only Urban rea of the Banki Sub-division and is famous for Goddes Charchika,one of the principal "Parama Baishnabi" of Orissa.

Till 31.07.1996 the present Banki town was a Grampanchayat.Considering its location,religious sanctity and setttelment patteren,the N.A.C. was constituted vide L.S.G Notification No : 10259 dt : 11.07.66 comprising seven villagers namely :Charchika,Srichandanpur,Khamaranga,Saharapada,Chakapada,Sisua and Mantri Sahi.

It is noticed that various devlopments which have taken place within the N.A.C area are mostly unplanned and without any regard to Civic,life,connectivity and basic amenities, Besides devlopments have also taken place in the sorrounding villages in simillar manner.This natural but unplanned devlopment in the twon and surrounding villages has given thrust to systematic effort of Urban planning under Orissa Twon planning & Improvement Trust Act,1956.The Master plan for Banki prepared under the O.T.P. & I.T.Act,1956 is basically a statutory document wchich the Master plan ara and identifies strategy/norms for future devlopment on different aspects of Urban growth,Keeping ecological balance and environmental upgradation of the twon.

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